Things To Do Before You Die (TTDBYD) #1 – Be Someones Inspiration

Among all of the other randomness that will accompany this blog, I hope to have a weekly post titled “Things To Do Before You Die.” It will include many things that I have done (and maybe even some things ive never done) that I believe every person should partake in. This is not going to be the typical list like: “Go skydiving,” or “Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower,” but simpler things that won’t cost an arm and a leg to achieve…

I believe that every person is put on this earth to make a difference. This does not necessarily mean that you have to do something completely over the top to get people’s attention (im looking at you David Blaine), but a gesture as small as helping a stranger can inspire. Have you seen those Liberty Mutual commercials where a stranger does a good deed for someone, and is overseen by another stranger? And the third person in turn does a good deed for another stranger? Well here is the link if you havent; [I claim no rights to this video]. Something as simple as picking up a toy for a baby can be inspiration.

I found inspiration when I was on a family vacation in Hawaii. We visited the week where it was nearly nothing but storms. There was the occasional cloudy day without rain which we were grateful for, but tried to enjoy the little things. My inspiration came from, as above, a complete stranger just living his life. As a rainstorm was blowing into land this resident got out his guitar, walked to the nearby rocky shoreline and just played his heart out to the ocean. It was raw. It was emotional. For him, it seemed to be a completely normal thing to do. I’m not exactly sure why this inspired ME; I don’t play any musical instruments, I don’t live on (or by) a beach, and I can’t sing for my life. But for this one moment, I was envious of him. It made me want to do something artful to inspire others, and proved the commercial was right; inspiration IS contagious. So I say to you – don’t be that angry driver on the road that everybody dislikes, spread joy and be someones inspiration.

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