TTDBYD #2 – Sing Karaoke (Even If You Have No Idea What You’re Singing)

I plan on posting a new TTDBYD every Tuesday, but i just could not help myself. Here is another one!

Everyone knows that people generally make fools of themselves singing on stage, but not everyone knows that Karaoke came from Japan. Karaoke has become a sort of rite of passage for all bar-goers in the US. You don’t even have to know how to sing well to partake. Its kind of like being a meteorologist; you can mess up every time you perform, but no one makes a big deal of it because you’re expected to not be perfect. So why not participate?!

There are basically 3 ways that Karaoke can be performed;

1. Awful singing that can bring embarrassment.

I’ve participated in Karaoke twice in my life; once when I was little and therefore had no shame, and then again on a cruise with 3 new friends. There was one common denominator in these two performances… neither time I had any idea what I was singing. The first time, I recognized the name of the song; “Achy Breaky Heart” and thought I could perform it. Dead wrong. But I was little so it didn’t matter, I had fun anyways. But the last time I performed, my new friend Barry chose to perform a Mariah Carey song that I had never even heard of. The BEST part was that once I got on stage I realized my whole family was in the crowd watching. I basically read off of the screen while Barry belted out the chorus. What a sight.

2. Fantastic singing by people who really know how to sing.

This was my college roommate sophomore year. He was a part of our school’s Collegiate Chorale, the singers that wished to pursue music in some manner. They were one of the best groups of singers around. And so every Wednesday, when Karaoke night came around, they would all get together and hit that bar for some vocal performances. They were always fantastic. But there’s one problem with that… no one ever wanted to perform after them. They were so good that they basically drove non-singers away from Karaoke on Wednesday nights. You hate these people, but you wish you were them.

And lastly, 3. The surprisingly talented singers.

On Karaoke night on the aforementioned cruise, a younger girl round about 14 years old took the stage for a performance. The crowd went silent because we did not know what we expected to hear – “Barbie Girl” or Aretha Franklin. The music started playing and it was “Behind These Hazel Eyes” by Kelly Clarkson. This is a good start, I thought to myself, she picked a decent song. And then she began singing. I swear it was as if the world stopped. It was the most beautiful voice you had ever heard. I leaned to a friend and told her, “Shes singing that song better than Kelly Clarkson!” You closed your eyes and felt like you were in a private performance with the greatest singer that ever lived. As she completed the song, the entire room gave her a standing ovation. Wondrous.

So no matter which of the 3 groups you find yourself in, take a chance. Get up on that stage and belt out some lyrics.

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