TTDBYD #3 – Embarrass Yourself On Purpose

You may have read this title and thought, ‘Is he serious??’ Yes I am. Ever heard the phrase “If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?” You need to be able to laugh at yourself or you will be self-conscious about everything you do. If you live life without taking chances, then whats the point? Every person needs to go out and let people laugh at them. It grows you into a better person.

Maybe you and your friends are trying to toughen your shells so you all hit a Karaoke bar every week. You can embarrass yourself on a regular basis and always have a great story that accompanies it. Whether it be trying to hit Mariah Carey’s high notes, recreate Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk, or rap as fast as Twista, you can always laugh at yourself. 

Or say you go out to the bars with your pals and across the room you see a pretty girl you want to talk to. What do you do – talk to her or sit there and wish you’d talk to her? She is definitely hotter than you will ever be, but whats the worst that can happen. You figure you’ll take a shot in the dark and have some fun, either you’ll strike out like you expected or it may go somewhere. You leave your pals behind and strut your way across the bar. Finally you make it up to her and you lay down the best line you’ve got; “Did it hurt?” She looks at you like you’re crazy, “Did WHAT hurt?” In a Lando Calrissian smooth way you reply, “When you fell from heaven.” She pauses momentarily before standing up and turning to walk away while laughing. You got shot down, but its a great story, right?!

Remember that embarrassing yourself doesn’t have to be a phobia, it can be a great memory instead.

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