TTDBYD #5 – Costume Up On A Day Other Than Halloween

Most everyone would agree that Halloween is the ultimate “holiday.” Kids love it because they get to dress up as their favorite Disney characters and get to frisk their neighbors for candy. Teens love it because they usually throw together some articles of clothing from home in hopes of being something simple, like a doctor or a chef, while trying to conceal their identities so they can destroy pumpkins in the street. College students love it because it gives the females the excuse to wear as little clothes as possible to a house party. Parents love it because they “get to feel like kids again,” whatever that means. So if everyone loves dressing up this much, how come we only do it once a year?! We need to remedy this with a TTDBYD.

There are many times other than Halloween that you can dress up and not look too foolish. Here are a few simple ideas to get you in a costume on a non-Halloween day.

Sporting events. That homecoming football game in high school if you have any school pride. And remember, at any professional sporting event you can get on national television, like those Raiders fans.

School Dances. And im not talking about Homecoming or Prom, that’s just dressy, not a costume. I’m talking about the Sadie Hawkins dance. When I was in high school the you had to dress like your date. There were plenty of movie references; Danny Zuko and Sandy, Han Solo and Leia or maybe even Mario and Princess Peach. Get Creative, have fun with it.

Costume Parties. Say you’re in college and you can no longer do the whole school dance thing. Find some friends with a big house that can hold a party and get a theme going. Pimps and Hoes. Jersey Shore. Shotgun Wedding. I’m On A Boat. Toga. Anything-But-Clothes. You get the idea.

Christmas. Of course there is the obvious, Santa. but if you want to have more fun than that, dress up as one of his helpers – pointy shoes and all. Spread some cheer, enjoy the mistletoe, and don’t forget the presents.

Movie Premieres. You know these people, the people who are so full of the movie they’re going to see that they completely embarrass themselves on purpose cause they think its fun. All of the Harry Potters, Frodo Baggins and Wolverines.

Or if you like the arts, participate in a play. To be… or not to be. Not only would you get to dress up as Romeo or Juliet, Alice in Wonderland, Cats, or even Alan Strang, but you really get to act the role.

So regardless of which path you take, you can have fun every day in costume. Except if you work for Liberty Tax.

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