TTDBYD #6 – Conquer Your Fears (Or Atleast Try)

Everyone in the world has fears, so you’re not alone. But the only problem is that people can go thru their whole life with these handicapping fears. Fears are something to be recognized and solved. Conquer your fears and try to get over it. You will be a better person in the end if you can succeed.

There are 2 types of fears; rational fears and irrational fears.

The latter is easier to conquer because there is no basis for being afraid of pickles. What did they ever do to you?

Click this picture to see an irrational fear.

A rational fear is much more common. Rational fears would be; public speaking, heights, clowns,  spiders, etc.

I have a friend who is afraid of clowns. This seems typical, right? yes, except for why he is afraid of clowns. When he was younger, he went to a circus with his family. While enjoying the show, a clown thought he would be funny and pop a balloon. The problem was that balloon belonged to my friend. The clown walked up to him, popped his balloon, laughed in his face and walked away. It seems to me that people would more likely hate clowns than be afraid of them. Anyways, the point is we attempt to draw this fear out of him occasionally. Clown birthday cards. Clown Halloween costumes. Even wearing that clown mask while peeking at him through his window late at night. He has not yet gotten over this fear.

My fear of heights had recently surfaced. I went with a friend to Cedar Point and the unexpected happened. And i know what you’re thinking, ‘Why go to a theme park if you’re afraid of heights??” Well the truth is i love rollercoasters. I love the rush as you take that first drop, those corkscrews and loops. But I hate that first climb. You know that part where the rollercoaster is dragged up 300 feet (click-click-click) before you hit that first drop. So we get into the park and the first ride we go to is Millennium Force, my friends favorite ride ever. It kind of reminded me of Raging Bull at my Chicagoland Six Flags. So after patiently waiting in line for an hour, we finally hopped in the train to enjoy our ride. I put on my seatbelt, click-click my waistbar down, get safety checked and off we go. As we click-click-clicked our way up to the top my anxiety steadily increased. click-click-click. click-click-click. click-click-sputter. Wait what? After climbing roughly 275 feet up this incline, the coaster stopped. I start freaking out to my friend; “Whats going on?!” “Its okay, don’t worry.” “WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO STOP HERE!” But stop there we did – for 30 minutes. We discovered that someone had messed with their seatbelt, and had let it come undone. So it was required that the operators stop the machine and fix the persons seatbelt. They fixed it and we were off. One of the scariest moments of my life, but I got through it. The rest of the day, I was not nearly as afraid of heights, I just wished that the coasters wouldn’t break down with me on them.

So, if you have any fears, face them. You never know what life could be like when you’re not deathly afraid of something.

Where we got stuck for 30 minutes...

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