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Dear BEP, Stop Making Music.

Dear the Black Eyed Peas;

Please, please, PLEASE, stop making music. You were never a Rihanna; made good music at the start of your career, and then let it fall off over a few years. Nor were you a Justin Timberlake; made poor music at the start of your career and let it get better as time went on. You’re more of a Nickelback; you become more popular because you are more hated than you are loved.

As with many people, I did not enjoy your music from the very start. Your music is not good enough to be truly loved by many people, but it is just catchy enough to land in some STD-infested dance clubs as remixes that no one listens to anyways because they are too busy grinding on some rando.

The biggest problem I have with you isn’t that your music is catchy, but all of that autotune crap is not good music.

Who else out there remembers their Superbowl performance?? It didn’t even sound like BEP because there was no autotune in their voices. It wasnt even catchy because their horrid voices covered the sound of the electronica in the background.

There are few things that I fear more than the release of a new BEP single; “Oh, they spewed out a new autotuned, electronic song? I sure hope they didn’t use music from some past artist to gain attention in hopes that people will be reminded of the old song and begin to like their new garbage. They did? And people are eating it up? what a shame.”

So BEP, please stop reusing lines from old, famous songs. If you can’t be clever enough to come up with ALL of your own material, you shouldnt be making music.


Everyone in the world who enjoys good music.