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Wonderful Weekend

So as i had previously posted,  i was going fishing on Lake Michigan last friday (ive never been so excited to wake up at 330am!) and i would post the awesomeness that ensued.

The first picture is the Waukegan Harbor at about 5:30am.

A few side comments: 1. that is the boat we took out, Challenger II. 2. Captain Bob is the best fishing boat captain youll find in Waukegan. 3. I got to go out fishing instead of working in the office; winning!

Here is the biggest fish i caught on the day; a 17 pound King Salmon! Its not going to put me in the record books, but it was awesome! 🙂

And the last picture was our haul for the day. With 4 guys fishing, thats 2 a person! And Captain Bob fileted the fish for us and so each of us got to take home something like 10 pounds of salmon. What a day!

Also, on Sunday i participated in the first annual Pancake for Payton FUNdraiser volleyball tournament. Let me just start off by saying that even though i coach volleyball and partake occasionally in the pool or sand, i have not been able to play in any indoor, competitive, 6 on 6 play since junior year of college (about 2.5 years) so i was a tad bit rusty. And i played on a team that i only knew 2 people. And we played against some people we knew, who won the national tournament at their level. So needless to say, it was quite difficult for us to win. But regardless it was great fun! Lets hope that they continue to hold this event and the turn-outs can get even greater in the future.

Lake Michigan

Living in a Chicago suburb for most of my life, I have been to the windy city many times for vacation, field trips, shopping, sporting events, etc. But, it was not until last Friday that I finally embarked onto Lake Michigan. My financial advisor holds a yearly hour-long cruise on the tall ship Windy during the practice for the Air and Water Show. And let me tell you, it was amazing! Not only did I have a beautiful day, but I got to see an amazing Air Show practice. Please note that these pictures were taken with a camera phone, so even though the photo quality is low, the event was no less breathtaking.

And to add some more great news; I am being taken fishing on Lake Michigan tomorrow! So after 23 years of never being on the lake, I get to do it twice within a week!! I’m so excited! (if you can’t tell) Hopefully ill catch some fish and get to post some great pictures 🙂