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Driving as Entertainment #17


Remember this guy??
He’s back for more! But as Waldo!

Driving as Entertainment #16


This is a very clever name change.


Driving as Entertainment #15


Beautiful weather ahead, nasty storm behind.

Driving as Entertainment #14


Always saw this in stores, but I never thought id actually see it on a car…

Driving as Entertainment #13


Nice haircut, bro.

Driving as Entertainment #12


Who wears short shorts?

What Is The Sound Of No Fans Clapping? (via Up Next In Sports)

Here is a picture from the day game of the day-night doubleheader between the Florida Marlins and the Cincinnati Reds. Normally this would not be an exceptional picture, except for the fact that only *347* fans showed up. Yep, you read that right, 347 fans. Read on.

What Is The Sound Of No Fans Clapping? This is a shot from Game 1 of a Marlins-Reds doubleheader, where there were only 347 fans in attendance, at a stadium that can seat over 38,000 for baseball games. You can blame the fact that it was a rescheduled game on work day with Hurricane Irene approaching, but then there's the Marlins' 58-72 record and their MLB-low average of 18,241 paid fans per game. Either way, I hope the sound of crickets chirping or pins dropping didn't distract the … Read More

via Up Next In Sports – Funny Sports Pictures, Tiger Woods Fails

Driving as Entertainment #11


Roadtrips ❤

Driving as Entertainment #10


Okay there’s nothing funny in this picture, I just like this picture 🙂

4th of July Parade

Every year in the small town of Mercer, Wisconsin, a 4th of July parade is held. And every year my father allows me to drive his 1971 Chevelle – bringing friends and throwing candy to kids. Thanks to my friend Anna, here is a look from the inside out.